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About us

Team Hactor is one of the world’s most creative international brand. We helps businesses to grow, learners to learn, solving people’s daily life tech issues and also entertaining entertainment lovers.


Team Hactor started as a design agency in July, 2019. Now Team Hactor is one of the world’s most creative international brand. Achieved client satisfaction through our services again and again.


We have such world changing goals. After achieving our present goals, we will focus into natural eco system issues.
Our goals:
Provide creative and marketing services
Teach creative learners to learn quality full skills
Sell exclusive digital resources all around the world
Create animation, motion films and music for entertaining worldwide audience


Hossain Alif Founder of Team Hactor

Hossain Alif

Founder, Team Hactor
Tayabun Nesa Founder of Team Hactor

Tayabun Nesa

Founder, Team Hactor


Now, we have four primary services. Services summary:

A. Digital solutions:

Graphic design, development, motion graphics, marketing, photography (limited area), content writing, printing solution (limited area), chat bot and others.

B. Online courses:

Dropshipping, excel, graphic design, marketing, motion graphics, powerpoint, programming, word and others.

C. Digital assets:

3D, addons, CMS template, fonts, games, graphics, mockups, music, photos, plugins, presentation templates, scripts, software, sound effects, videos, video templates and others.

D. Entertainment:

Animations, motion films, music, songs and others.
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